Kevin Fok

Senior Project Manager @ LG Chem Power


Mr. Fok leads the LG Chem project management and execution in North America for electric grid energy storage ranging from residential systems up through large, utility-scale systems. He is responsible for end-to-end project management, which includes onsite project execution, installation, commissioning, field deployment, and ongoing deployment support.


Previously, Mr. Fok had a leadership role in the LG Chem lithium-ion battery sales and business development in the United States for electric grid energy storage. He was integral in the founding efforts to develop and grow the energy storage business and led team efforts in both securing and managing several projects with major utility customers, including a large 8 MW/32 MWh turnkey project and a residential energy storage project. He also secured a grid-scale project with a utility in the Pacific Northwest and additional projects.


He has over 18 years of sales, business development, marketing, engineering, and project management experience in renewable and alternative energy, including lithium-ion batteries, solar photovoltaics (PV), nickel-metal hydride batteries, fuel cells, and hydrogen storage.   His customers have included the military, state governments, systems integrators, and utilities.


Mr. Fok has presented at numerous conferences and has moderated and served on several conference panels. He has led and organized trade show exhibits that resulted in media coverage and interviews. Mr. Fok has authored and co-authored numerous publications, including a magazine feature cover story. He has been involved in educational efforts, including teaching a short course in energy storage and providing industry input to a local university to develop its alternative energy curriculum. He has been acknowledged by a national laboratory for contributions to a solar PV publication and cited in hydrogen & fuel cell and amorphous materials textbooks. Mr. Fok is a co-inventor of 13 U.S. patents.


He has Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and Master of Business Administration degrees, both from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.