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    Next-Level Planning – Using Machine Learning To Improve EV Charging Network Buildout

    At Volta, our mission is to drive sustainability forward and we created a tool to help you do just that. Praveen Mandal introduces the PredictEV, a machine-learning technology to predict electric vehicle adoption and demand, and plan charging infrastructure accordingly. PredictEV allows utilities, municipalities, and other related partners to optimize their decision-making process and reshape their transportation infrastructure to capitalize on the booming electric vehicle segment.

    This webinar will focus on the following key topics:

    • An overview of the rapidly evolving electrification industry
    • How Volta is leveraging machine learning technology to differentiate the scope of their services
    • Introduce PredictEV— a technology developed by Volta to predict and plan for electric vehicle adoption and demand
    • An in-depth explanation of the PredictEV’s far-reaching capabilities

    Praveen K. Mandal – Chief Technology Officer, Volta Charging

    Praveen Mandal is a former engineer turned serial entrepreneur who jump-started the electric vehicle charging industry through the co-founding of ChargePoint in 2007, where he also served as its President. He is the recognized inventor of the “networked charging stations” concept, a pioneering idea that helped drive the adoption of charging stations by all industry stakeholders. Mandal serves as the CTO of Volta Charging, is the Co-Founder of 2predict, a team of data scientists providing advanced machine learning solutions for innovative companies and an MIT Connection Science Fellow.

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