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    Next-Level Planning – Using Machine Learning To Improve EV Charging Network Buildout

    At Volta, our mission is to drive sustainability forward and we created a tool to help you do just that. Praveen Mandal introduces the PredictEV, a machine-learning technology to predict electric vehicle adoption and demand, and plan charging infrastructure accordingly. PredictEV allows utilities, municipalities, and other related partners to optimize their decision-making process and reshape their transportation infrastructure to capitalize on the booming electric vehicle segment.

    This webinar will focus on the following key topics:

    • An overview of the rapidly evolving electrification industry
    • How Volta is leveraging machine learning technology to differentiate the scope of their services
    • Introduce PredictEV— a technology developed by Volta to predict and plan for electric vehicle adoption and demand
    • An in-depth explanation of the PredictEV’s far-reaching capabilities

    Praveen K. Mandal – Chief Technology Officer, Volta Charging

    Praveen Mandal is a former engineer turned serial entrepreneur who jump-started the electric vehicle charging industry through the co-founding of ChargePoint in 2007, where he also served as its President. He is the recognized inventor of the “networked charging stations” concept, a pioneering idea that helped drive the adoption of charging stations by all industry stakeholders. Mandal serves as the CTO of Volta Charging, is the Co-Founder of 2predict, a team of data scientists providing advanced machine learning solutions for innovative companies and an MIT Connection Science Fellow.

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    The US Electric Vehicle Market – From Niche to the Mainstream

    Sales of battery electrics are growing, with the number of entries seemingly growing too fast relative to projected sales volume. Costs are coming down (albeit not fast enough?), capability is increasing, infrastructure is being developed (albeit not fast enough?), and the target market is becoming more mainstream.

    What needs to happen to facilitate the projected growth?

    We will discuss key products, marketing approaches of the vehicle makers, what potential customers want (and fear), opportunities as battery and electronic technologies evolve, and the products most important to reach high volumes and facilitate company profits.

    We will identify some of the potential winners and losers among the vehicle makers and suppliers, both within the current industry and beyond.

    This webinar will focus on the following key topics:

    • Review of Current Sales and Products, Forecasted to 2025
    • Product Range Moving Across Segments to Target the Mainstream Buyer
    • Regulation in the US and Beyond Is Moving the Market
    • Regulation Matters, But Company Strategies and Consumer Preferences Matter More
    • Trends in Batteries, Range, and Cost

    Alan Baum – Principal, Baum & Associates

    Alan Baum formed Baum & Associates in August 2009. The company produces a detailed sales forecast, market analysis, and product life cycle for the range of electrified vehicles and provides monthly sales results for these vehicles. Baum analyzes the impact of alternative fuel vehicles as well as advanced technologies in internal combustion engines that provide improved fuel economy. He consults with suppliers, the financial community, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. Since the 1980s, Baum has produced an automotive production forecast with detailed analysis of the automotive market.

    PlugVolt is a proud sponsor of this event.

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