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    Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries – Key Technology Approaches & Time-to-Market

    Attendees will learn which solid-state batteries have been launched already into beachhead markets, and which technology barriers for now prevent deployment in mass EV applications. Risks & opportunities identified in IP portfolios by large battery & automotive manufacturers and key startups will be compared with go-to-market & technology readiness statements. Finally, we will explain why hybrid battery packs or cells based on both liquid and solid electrolytes could potentially accelerate the automotive adoption of solid-state batteries.

    This webinar will focus on the following key topics:

    • Solid-state Li-ion batteries
    • Key innovation approaches & global patent literature
    • Time-to-market with respect to key applications: electronics/IoT, medical implants, automotive/rolling stock, stationary energy storage
    • Examples of solid electrolyte, cathode & anode selection
    • Combination of solid electrolytes with liquid electrolytes at the pack or cell level

    Dr. Pirmin Ulmann – Co-Founder & CEO,

    Dr. Pirmin Ulmann is co-founder and CEO of, an information service for the battery patent literature that is based on a supervised machine learning approach. Pirmin obtained a diploma in chemistry from ETH Zurich (Switzerland) in 2004 and a PhD from Northwestern University (USA) in 2009, followed by a postdoc at Tokyo University (Japan). From 2010 to 2016, while working at a major Li-ion battery materials manufacturer, he was a co-inventor of 7 patent families. He holds the credential Stanford Certified Project Manager and has co-authored scientific publications with more than 1,500 citations.

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